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Timothy Dalton

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He is one of the actors who could read the white pages of Munich to me and I would melt away because of his voice.....
Surely you remember that I am a sucker for voices.

The next thing are his intensive eyes. Wow! They just go like laser beams right into your heart. He just changes them a bit and you are about to cry for the pain he exudes to you... or the anger, the passion or whatever emotion he wants you to feel.

short clip from "Cleopatra"

That is what all my eyecandies have in common. That very special look, the intensity and the capability to carry you with him and a voice that makes you shiffer (Dr. Frank-N-Furter would say "... with antici.....pation").




I'm not ready here by far!
Soon more of this! (The moment I find time for it....)

  und hier gehts weiter....